Sunday, May 10, 2015

And let me put on record my admiration for Ed Miliband

It is ironic to see Labour making the same mistake the Conservatives made in thinking that a change of leader will solve their problems.

And was it not arrogant of them to think they could bounce back after just one term in Opposition?

It takes about ten years to reconstruct a political party.

As Labour has wasted the last five years the earliest they can expect to be back in government is 2025 (unless they get lucky, but it is unwise to rely on luck and "winging it" - slow and sure wins the day).

They need to forget about power and concentrate on devising new policies that people want.  And they can only do that if they ASK ordinary people what they want.  This will be painful, and require the shooting of several of Labour's holy cows.

And let me put on record my admiration for Ed Miliband.  It was nice to have a civilised intellectual as an opponent.  Rather than a bruiser like Brown or a ghastly lightweight guitar-twanging celebrity-politician like Blair.

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