Monday, December 01, 2014

The Labour party does not look good

You would think Emily Thornberry would have more sense than to try to defend the indefensible

But let us play silly-buggers for a while and pretend Andrew Sparrow is honestly reporting the news, and not indulging in lefty image manipulation.

IF it is daft to regard Emily Thornberry as a chav-hating snob then why did Ed Miliband sack her from the Shadow Cabinet and announce he was more angry than he has every been over the tweet?

Either way the Labour party does not look good.

More angry than he has EVER been?  More angry over a tweet than over the dead children of Syria?  Than over the 800k users of food banks?  Than over the on-going collapse of Labour support in Scotland?  Than over the way the bankers have got off Scot-free from crashing the banks?  Than over the way the LibDems lied about tuition fees?

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