Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Scotland is to be changed under Neil Findlay

Neil Findlay has posted a sort-of manifesto for Scotland under his leadership:  http://www.neil4scotland.org/why_i_am_standing

We as a party can change Scotland.
So Scotland is to be changed under Neil Findlay.
I left school with few qualifications but was able to serve an apprenticeship as a bricklayer. 
Because there were no fully trained adult bricklayers coming ("flocking") into the country from eastern Europe and desperate to work at almost any wage.
we are the party of more jobs, more houses and more college places. 
And who will pay for this wish list?
We need an economy that works for all the people - Where all the people are able to work, and work in jobs with decent pay.
You cannot magic higher pay through an incomes policy - you have to stop the ingress of cheap labour and labour scarcity will raise the wages and salaries of those in the labour market.
We need a different approach in policy, strategy and leadership.
Labour needs to change policy on immigration - but that is the one radical change it cannot contemplate.
We need to improve our organisation and structures to make sure those policies are communicated effectively.
You can say that again!
I can represent and drive through that fresh approach, providing a contrast with our past shortcomings
What shortcomings do you mean - spell this out please.
The unions support you Mr Findlay, but the Labour MPs and MEPs are supporting Jim Murphy.
You will have to do better than this to win the prize.

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