Monday, November 03, 2014

Peter Kellner asserts

I despair when I read this sort of article:

"...many people hold views that are rooted either in an exaggerated view of what is happening today – or, perhaps, a refusal to believe the government’s statistics" Peter Kellner asserts in the lordly way of the metropolitan elite (that is not a compliment).

In other words (and you will see all the usual lefty commentators using this argument) if only the stupid chav proletariat were educated on the numbers they would realise how ignorant they are and how mistaken are their attitudes to immigration.

However we live in a society where politicians do not know the price of milk.  Where party leaders do not even know their candidate when they have gone campaigning in a particular constituency.  Where lefty journalists get hopelessly confused when asked simple questions about numeracy by Andrew Neil

Therefore why the insistence that ordinary people know the immigration statistics?

They do not need to know the immigration statistics Mr Kellner.

They can look around them and see for themselves whether there are too many immigrants or not.

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