Thursday, November 06, 2014

On "poppy fascism" John Walsh rather misses the point:

In this Independent article on "poppy fascism" John Walsh rather misses the point:

Ordinary people are not approached in the streets and told to wear poppies as he implies.

There is a world of difference between ordinary people choosing to wear a poppy or not according to their conscience and a public figure such as Jon Snow deliberately choosing to offend people via his behaviour in a news broadcast, knowing full well in advance that he was going to offend them.

Would we tolerate Jon Snow delivering the news naked?

Would we tolerate Jon Snow doing the quenelle salute?

It's not as if there is no-one else who can deliver Channel 4 News.  If Jon Snow objects to wearing a poppy why not shift him into the back room for the first two weeks of November?  Cathy Newman can present the programme just as competently - perhaps more competently.

And what on earth does John Walsh mean by writing:  "It’s like those wartime British women who confronted men in the street, demanded to know why they weren’t in uniform and gave them a white feather – another floral emblem of war...".  What is floral about a feather?  When I read this howler I'm afraid I began to suspect John Walsh was a self-important idiot.


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