Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Michael Deacon's review of a "reality television" programme in the Daily Telegraph

We are being encouraged to admire Michael Deacon's review of a "reality television" programme in the Daily Telegraph:  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/tvandradio/11207638/Making-Leicester-British-is-Britains-debate-on-immigration-just-a-con.html?x

Having read the piece I am puzzled as to what we are supposed to be admiring.

It’s about time this country had a proper debate about immigration. Normally when people say that, what they mean is, “Let’s unanimously deplore immigration, then agree to put a stop to it immediately.” 

Er yes, that is exactly what gets people wound up Mr Deacon.  There is a lot of talk of immigration, the will of the majority is clearly identified, and yet immigrants continue to pour into the country.  Are you really surprised the democratic majority of people are getting pissed off in these circumstances?

Michael Deacon then ponderously condemns an exchange during Prime Minister’s Questions, as if he is the first person to spot that Parliament has become a theatrical charade.

The rise of Ukip has been sharp, rapid and noisily publicised; amid the resulting hysteria, it must be easy for Westminster to forget that there are still one or two voters left in the country – a mere 80-85 per cent of the electorate, according to most polls – who don’t support them.

See here the intellectual dishonesty of Michael Deacon?  By a literary slight of hand he is implying that the 85% who do not support UKIP are neutral or indeed in favour of immigration.  This is not the case – EVERY test of public opinion since 1945 has said the majority do not want immigration.

Big Brother with extra racial tension. If you can imagine such a thing.

Yes, I can imagine it.  In fact I remember it – Prime Minister Gordon Brown had an overseas visit interrupted to be asked questions about Shilpa Shetty and her experiences in the Big Brother House.  Were you asleep at the time Mr Deacon?

The housemates doing the shouting were immigrants themselves

Quelle surprise!  And all the time I thought the only people opposed to immigration were evil white racists!  Who would have thought that BME people themselves would turn out to be so ungrateful when they found themselves being “swamped” and their own children with no chance of a job.

Perhaps we could maintain that a low-skilled economic migrant like Eduardas should never have been allowed into Britain, and that that beauty salon could have been opened by a British person.

And is your opinion Mr Deacon that there is an infinite demand for beauty treatments in the city of Leicester and its environs?  I am not aware of the particulars of this case, but I strongly suspect the beauty salon sector was already serviced and those employed in such businesses made a reasonably adequate living.  Have these people now been undercut by Eduardas and his minimum wage immigrant compatriots (who will not have the same overheads as they will be living in cars or garden sheds or sleeping eight to a room).

“…if only every British person possessed Eduardas’s determination and work ethic, Britain would probably be a lot better off.”

If this were the case Mr Deacon the Lithuanian economy would be out-performing the British economy and Eduardas would have found employment in his own country.

Eduardas grew up in adversity – adversity far more severe than most British people will ever know

Fuck off Michael Deacon – you don’t have a clue about adversity in this country.

a resentful little land

Are you referring to England Mr Deacon?  What a nasty little shit you are turning out to be.  But you are of course right – the land IS resentful, mainly of smug supercilious establishment people like you.

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