Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Article by pro-immigration researcher and lobbyist Ian Dunt

"...a society that makes it all too clear it hates you and wants you gone" says one respondent in this article by pro-immigration researcher and lobbyist Ian Dunt (Editor of politics.co.uk):  http://www.politics.co.uk/blogs/2014/10/23/revealed-how-immigrants-feel-about-the-immigration-debate

Was this not always going to be the result of a policy that has been forced upon the country without the consent of the majority?

Let us look at countries that have undergone similar experiences.

After the Second World War countries in Eastern Europe had communism imposed on them without their consent.  They were forced to conform to communist ideology.  They were told in time they would learn to love their socialist way of life.

Did this happen?


Will British society learn to love the immigrant communities that have arrived here since the Second World War?

All the evidence suggests the answer is equally No.

Eventually post-war communism in eastern Europe was entirely reversed.

Post-war immigration in the United Kingdom also must be reversed - or made legitimate through the express consent of the majority (perhaps through a series of referenda). 

A society based on an injustice cannot stand.

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