Monday, November 03, 2014

About the media

There is a problem with this Owen Jones article in the Guardian about the media:

If the media are so influential in deciding elections then why do the Conservatives ever lose?

And if there is some kind of conspiracy among the established media then why does Owen Jones not simply found his own newspaper and radio station and TV channel?  He could do it very low cost on the internet and then move, as surging demand allows, to hard copies sold in newsagents.  The people want his views so the demand will be there to cover all the costs, right?

The media does not lead public opinion, the media reflects public opinion.  Please do not listen to self-important pontificaters such as Matthew Parris and David Aaronovitch - they are employed to be contrary, nothing more.  If a columnist did not help to sell copies (by giving people what they want to read) they would be out.

The Greens are just the alternative party du jour.

Even I would consider voting Green if the Conservative choice was not available (or so obnoxious that I was presented with a candidate such as Ken Clarke or John Taylor - now Lord Taylor of Warwick).

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