Thursday, October 30, 2014

The staying power of the Conservatives

Interesting article by Tim Montgomerie:

However I think he misunderstands the staying power of the Conservatives.

All main parties are seeing their natural supporters flirting with other options.

However Conservatives are less vulnerable to this than Labour or Liberal Democrats.  The clue is in the name - they are conservatives.  They will be the last to change and the first to come back.

That does not mean there are not dangers ahead.

Membership must be expanded and members given control over policy approval.

There is nothing difficult in this.

The surge in SNP membership in recent weeks has happened simply because the SNP canvassers went back to people who said they would vote SNP in the referendum and asked them to join the SNP party.

The Conservatives could do this also - if the employed and elected party got off their pin-striped backsides and did some work and showed some leadership.

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