Saturday, September 06, 2014

Whether British-born citizens should have their citizenship removed

The issue of whether British-born citizens should have their citizenship removed is problematic:

On the one had we do not want to lose an inalienable right that protects everyone.

On the other hand, might this be a mechanism that could be used to reverse post-war immigration? (which of course occurred without the consent of the majority).

As communities misbehave they could have their citizenship rights removed and be required to make arrangements to move elsewhere.

For instance, a Muslim community where atrocities occur (Woolwich 2013).

A black community where riots occur (London in 2011).

An Irish community where bombs are found (Birmingham 1974).

One is not talking of forced deportations of course. 

Just a subtle but firm hand in the small of the back pushing them towards the exit. 

For a repatriation policy to be successful it will need to be polite, gentle (but persistent), and outwardly kind.

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