Thursday, September 04, 2014

The legal system is guilty, society is guilty, we are all guilty

In this cleverly written Guardian article about the Rotherham rape gangs Nazir Afzal tells us the legal system is guilty, society is guilty, we are all guilty (and thus no-one in particular is guilty, which is the subtle get-out clause he is setting up)

Nazir Afzal is employed by the Crown Prosecution Service and it is unclear why this public servant is writing articles in the national press voicing provocative views on sensitive on-going investigations.

However, let us take his comments seriously.

““They were doing this horrible, terrible stuff, because of the fact that they are men” he tells us.  This is an absurd argument.  One can take the ad absurdum argument to its logical conclusion – they were doing this horrible, terrible stuff because of the fact they are human (in which case Helen Lewis from the New Statesman is just as guilty as the most depraved Pakistani taxi driver).

In any case, is it not alarming that Nazir Afzal seems to have already pre-judged the motives of the Rotherham rape gang members when many of them have not even been arrested. 

Arguing that the ethnicity of the rapists did not inhibit investigation by the authorities Nazir Afzal informs us “A few weeks after the Rochdale case, we dealt with a case of 10 white men in North Yorkshire who had been abusing young girls, and they were all convicted and they got long sentences.”  Here Nazir Afzal rather contradicts himself.  The Pakistani rape gangs in Rotherham were ignored for fourteen years, the North Yorkshire white men were dealt with within weeks.

The article tells us that Nazir Afzal “…has oversight of all child sex abuse cases in England and Wales”.

Given the widespread nature of child sex abuse is it possible that Nazir Afzal is part of the problem?  He is obviously partisan and defensive about the asian communities in England and Wales (that is clear from this article) so is it possible he has developed a blind spot towards crimes committed asians?  That (from noble feelings of community love and solidarity) he has been excusing the inexcusable?

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