Saturday, July 19, 2014

There were no criticisms when I gave my report, which was a relief - the past week at work


A rush to arrange a Polish interpreter for the weekend.  This involved a lot of 'phone calls.  Perhaps I am not at my best troubleshooting (I said this Alec Nussbaum and he said I was like Alexander Haig, I get mad when things go wrong).

I worked on the broadcast copy research, the deadline drawing uncomfortably close.

A proposal to tie up inheritance bequests (specifically from grandparents) in a scheme so that the money can only be spent on education and training.


Most of the morning spent on a photoshoot - portraits of the Council.  We used the corner office as a makeshift studio.  Just head and shoulders shots, but the photographer took hours fussing about.

A brief from Ashish Sharma.  He is so woolly and vague that talking to him is very tedious.  I wondered if anyone would notice if I just ignored him (the Birmingham office has gone downhill since he took over).


I had allocated the day to writing my report for the Management Meeting tomorrow.  But there were so many interruptions (telephone calls and e-mails) that I did not make much progress.  I worked through lunch to get the basics done.

The heat almost unbearable.  Two electric fans on my desk.  But I did not take my tie off.

A call from Alec Nussbaum asking me to so a report for tomorrow about the "competition".  Although it was very short notice and an extra thing to do, I did not mind doing this report.  I argued that sometimes your competitor is your best friend.


Rain and then hot sun makes the atmosphere humid.  Some of the rain has been torrential.  Driving to work one saw a green wet landscape sparkling in the dazzling sun.

I was at my desk a few minutes early and opened the new e-mails that had come in.  Then I spent an hour editing my report for the Management Meeting.  I finished just in time.

The meeting started at 10 and went on for four hours.  Alec Nussbaum chaired the meeting - he has a surface amiability but is actually deeply cynical.  It was very clear that he was double-checking information as it was given to him.

There were no criticisms when I gave my report, which was a relief.

During the sandwich lunch talk turned to Gaza.  Alec Nussbaum became very animated and said that Israel had twenty-five thousand activists around the world who are used to influence opinion.  "That's how I want us to be" he said, "we are building a big team of opinion-formers who can sotto voce promote our ideas without seeming partisan".

After the meeting I checked proofs.


I gave some work to Joey, a graphic designer we sometimes use.  He was sunbathing when I rang him.  "My shoulders are burned" he said.

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