Thursday, July 24, 2014

The opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games

Having checked Newsnight had nothing of interest I switched over to The Papers on BBC News 24.

But it was still showing the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.

It was awful.

This is not to be anti-Scottish - I thought the Opening of the 2012 Olympics was a load of "multi-cultural crap".

Indeed, Aiden Burley's Twitter commentary would have been a welcome corrective to all the internationalist jingoism on show in Glasgow last night.

I waited until the Scottish team appeared in their controversial high-camp 1970s-coloured costumes (as if the designer had been inspired by YouTube episodes of Jason King set in the Scottish Highlands in 1971).

And then I switched off.

One rather dreads the weeks to come.

The endless mindless comments about sport from leftie politicos, as if they are trying to prove they are rounded individuals instead of mono-obsessed nerds.

The inevitable article from Sunder Katwala telling us the Glasgow Games demonstrate how "inclusive" and "welcoming" society has become, and how this validates all of post-war immigration despite it happening against the wishes of the majority.

The unavoidable oddball remarks from Bonnie Greer reminding us that the "dark" Picts were almost certainly black, the Black Watch were to a man black, and Shakespeare's Dark Lady of the Sonnets was of course black and an upcoming Hollywood feature will dramatise this very point.

Eventually Dan Hodges will write in the Telegraph that victory of the Scottish team means the end for Ed Miliband.  Unless of course the Scottish team does badly in which case he will write that the bad performance of the Scottish team means the end for Ed Miliband.  Indeed, he has probably written the article already and just has to change one or two key words and it is ready to go.


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