Saturday, July 26, 2014

Pointing to a pattern

There has been a big demonstration in London earlier today in support of the people of Gaza.

Leaving on side any issues of who is right and who is wrong.

I was interested in reports of the appearance of blatantly anti-semitic banners.

When the animal rights movement started to gain popular support we know that secret police infiltrated them and urged extremist behaviour (violence, arson etc) presumably in an effort to discredit the movement.

When the EDL started to gain popular support mysterious "EDL activists" appeared giving Nazi salutes at the Cenotaph and the organisation became discredited.

And now that Gaza is receiving a measure of popular support we see the appearance of extreme pro-Gaza activists with anti-semitic banners that discredit the demonstration.

I am making no comment on whether these three campaigns deserved to be discredited or not.

I am pointing to a pattern.

If your organisation threatens the establishment it will be subverted.

This may not be happening with the knowledge of the elected politicians.

Senior civil servants and public officials are quite capable of doing this on their own.

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