Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Latin was the language of the Romano-British peoples

Adam Ramsay, in a silly review of languages formerly widespread in the British Isles, misses off the most obvious one - Latin. 

For four hundred years Latin was the language of the Romano-British peoples.

It is to the credit of the Anglo-Saxons that they not only adopted this ancient language but preserved it for centuries, through the Reformation, into the modern era.

The greatest of all English historians, the Venerable Bede, wrote his History of the English Church and People in Latin, not Anglo-Saxon.

Indeed, Latin was taught in United Kingdom grammar schools until the 1960s and 1970s when grammar schools were abolished in an act of socialist-inspired spite.

It is arguable that without the support of Welsh and Scottish Labour MPs the abolition of the grammar schools would never have been tolerated.

Thus Ellie-Mae O'Hagen (through her support for socialism) must accept partial responsibility for the extinction of at least one ancient language.

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