Sunday, July 27, 2014

Jon W Chambers is scornful

In this article about Ed Miliband's recent speech Labour activist Jon W Chambers is scathing in his analysis:

At one stage Jon W Chambers had to suppress his laughter (not laughter at one-line jokes, this was nervous proto-hysterical laughter, the subliminal sort of laughter when you are so frightened by what you are seeing that you want it to be a joke).

Jon W Chambers is scornful about the Labour pledges to freeze house bills ("motivating people to vote on self-interest").

He is cynical about Ed Miliband's attempt to restore "trust" in politics ("in the same speech where he offered a grovelling apology for a photo opportunity in Rupert Murdoch’s The Sun newspaper").

He describes many of the prospective Labour MPs in swing marginals as "lazy".

When even committed Labour supporters are this sceptical, it does not bode well for 2015.

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