Friday, July 25, 2014

If it were to come out it would be the end

I received a confession earlier.

From someone who has gone through all the usual interviews and covert vetting before being accepted as someone we want to boost.

I know him quite well, and it was probably my endorsement that was key to the Institute taking him up.

Anyway, we were walking along a London street and his attitude changed, and he became very quiet, and stopped to look into the windows of an office.

I was curious as to what he was looking for and he prevaricated in answering my questions.

", I will tell you in about four years time, when all this is over...  now is not the right time... you will only go and tell Alec Nussbaum... "

We had a modest dinner (modest in food, not in cost) and I continued to return to the subject every few minutes, knowing he wanted to tell me.

I established it was nothing to do with sex.

And it was nothing to do with money.

And it was nothing to do with drugs.

And then it all poured out and I was surprised - very surprised indeed.  I saw at once his difficulty.  If it got out it would be the end.

Although not technically criminal.  And he had only been twenty at the time.  And the chances of it ever coming out are tiny.

But if it were to come out it would be the end, and lots of people would be embarrassed.

I ought to tell Alec Nussbaum (perhaps he wants me to tell Alec Nussbaum, perhaps that is why he confessed in the first place).

But I have decided not to tell Alec Nussbaum.

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