Friday, June 06, 2014

Too cool to do down-and-dirty doorstep politics

Sean Tunney (Editor LabourLeft) is scathing about the Labour leadership:

"Ed Miliband’s closest advisors are perceived to be aloof/out of touch, and by instinct act as a firewall..."

"Up to half a dozen Shadow Cabinet Ministers are regarded as either elitist, under performing or at worse 1-2 have no strategic interest in a Labour victory in 2015."

"Voters think Labour are incapable of taking tough unpopular choices. Especially on the EU, Welfare & Immigration."

This is a Labour supporter talking. 

Of course Ed Miliband would rather listen to David Axelrod and read cool West-Wingesque American websites than interact with his own party members.

The Shadow Cabinet are too cool to do down-and-dirty doorstep politics.

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