Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The whole article is worth reading more than once

This article by Norman Lamont in the Daily Mail makes many important points about the immigration crisis:

Some quotes (but the whole article is worth reading more than once): 

…the ‘disconnect’ between the people and the political class over immigration… such attitudes should be ignored by politicians at their peril.

…the emphasis on multiculturalism — a policy that carries the real danger of promoting the ‘Balkanisation’ of our society into separate communities.

The party (Labour) has more or less apologised… but has still given no explanation as to why its administration allowed  2.5 million immigrants from outside the EU to come here.

In judging the case for or against immigration, what really matters is not the size of the economy, but the impact on the living standards of the existing population.

While it is almost inevitable that a significant increase in the population will lead to an expansion in the economy, that does no good for individual citizens unless  it is accompanied by an improvement in the prosperity of each individual.

…that the economic impact of newcomers has to be judged not just over their working careers, but over their entire lifetimes, including the costs of looking after them in old age and assisting their families.

…the sheer scale of immigration is having a dramatic effect on the size of our population, which in turn is increasing the burden on our infrastructure.

If the influx continues at its present level, at least ten million people will be added to the population over the next 20   years.

…the Government should also consider negotiating with our EU partners for an ‘emergency brake’ on free movement when the inflow of EU migrants towards one country is particularly strong, as is happening with Britain.

…our economic future does not require the current massive levels of unskilled immigration.

Nations can never be just administrative areas to be filled up with people who choose to go and live in them: they need to share social and cultural values.


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