Saturday, June 14, 2014

The only sensible (and truly Conservative) course

Article by Rajeev Syal in today's Guardian reporting on Policing Minister Damian Green's rehash of the old theory about the Tories storming to power if only they could attract the votes of BME people.

Some years ago, when he was Shadow Immigration Minister, Damian Green came to talk to a local Conservative Association.  It was a mid-day meeting held in the Conservative Club after he had been on a tour of local farms and packing sheds (during which he was given an entirely false idea of the reality of Eastern European immigration).  I stood at the back and listened to him wittering on and thought:  this man has no idea what he is talking about.

If Damian Green bothered to talk to BME people (I mean ordinary Pakistanis and Jamaicans, not the rich ones who have gone to public school and talk posh) he would realise they are never going to vote Conservative.  Not in a million years.  Not while Labour is offering them bribes with public money.

For the BME communities to vote Conservative the Tories would have to embark on a bidding war with Labour to buy their votes.  And the unfairness and sense of injustice this would create would lose the Conservatives far more support than it gained.  Indeed, it would accelerate the exodus of traditional supporters from the Conservatives to UKIP. 

The only sensible (and truly Conservative) course is to stop existing BME immigration (and there are grounds for think that if the influx were to be absolutely stopped it would slowly go into reverse since migration is a dynamic process and cannot stand still).  Then rely on UKIP to siphon away white working class support from Labour (as is already happening) and allow Labour to consolidate it's role as a lobbying party for immigrants and public sector workers.  Leave to the future the recruitment of BME people to the Conservative party based on conscience, personal conviction and a self-identification with Tory ideals.

Anything else Mr Green and you will fall between two stools.

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