Thursday, June 05, 2014

The logical conclusion of Seamus Milne's policies

Seamus Milne in the Guardian writes about the Newark by-election:

He advocates several policies to counter UKIP:  "through public investment, a crash housebuilding programme, workplace protection, rebuilding public services and a living wage".

None of those policies, and certainly not the whole package, is possible without a relatively closed economic system.

Public investment, house building, and public services can only be paid for ultimately by tax-payers - and there will be no appetite to pay higher taxes if the public investment, houses and services are going to be soaked up by continuing levels of immigration.

Workplace protection and a living wage are not possible without trade tariffs - otherwise imported goods and services will simply undercut the more expensive British version (since workplace protection and living wages must add to the cost of production).

The logical conclusion of Seamus Milne's policies is to stop immigration and leave the EU, but he is too dishonest to admit this.

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