Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The British Social Attitudes survey report

There seems to be some wishful thinking among commentators interpreting the British Social Attitudes survey report:  http://www.bsa-31.natcen.ac.uk/read-the-report/immigration/so-what-should-we-do-views-about-migration-policy.aspx

Because the survey shows that graduates are less opposed to immigration than non-graduates the erroneous argument is being advanced that "education" makes people more liberal.

What the report actually shows is that non-graduates are more vulnerable to wage undercutting than graduates, and that graduate professions have (at the moment) more barriers to entry that protect their members from unfair competition.

This situation is not likely to last.

The inevitable consequence of unrestricted immigration (which is what we still have, even after five years of Coalition promises) is that professional salaries are going to plummet in the same way that unskilled wages have.  It will take a little longer but will be inescapable.  Indeed it is already notable in private sector scientific posts where the salaries and conditions for laboratory technicians has fallen dramatically over the last ten years.


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