Saturday, June 21, 2014

Support for paying the BBC licence fee is likely to evaporate

Rather muddled thinking in the Guardian today with an article by Tara Conlan reporting on BBC intentions to fast-track "diversity" and Homa Khaleeli interviewing angry BME campaigner Lenny Henry (I cannot call him a comedian, he is entirely unfunny).

The BBC has existed for over ninety years, and over that time the contribution of BME licence-payers in building up the assets of the institution has been very limited.  Therefore it seems unjust that the BME bloc (they seem to be arguing as a bloc) should receive positive discrimination to take up 15% of the BBC's employment opportunities.  Especially as this claim is based on the BME bloc as a percentage of the general population - BME numbers were artificially boosted by Labour's open-door immigration policies (without the consent of the majority).

The BBC needs to be careful here.  The payment of the licence fee is based on the willingness and consent of the general population to pay that fee.  If a widespread feeling develops that the BBC is being hi-jacked by sectional interests support for paying the BBC licence fee is likely to evaporate.

There is a political dimension that also needs to be watched.  If the BBC intends to boost the number of BME people of television the effect will be to convince people that the numbers of BME people in the country are shooting up and reaching alarming proportions.  The result could be an increase in the numbers of voters turning to UKIP in the 2020 election.

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