Sunday, June 08, 2014

Jay Rayner writing in today's Observer about food security

Jay Rayner writing in today's Observer about food security:

He links the decline in food security (from 70% to now 60%) to the relaxation of planning laws allowing out of town supermarkets.

I think we also need to acknowledge that the stupendous rise in immigration from 1997 has also had a direct influence on our ability to feed the people living in the British Isles.

If we are dependent on importing food for the new arrivals, and the price of foreign food starts spiking (as it has), then those on the lowest incomes (which include most of the new immigrants) are going to go hungry and will need food banks.

It is not just food shortages that immigration is creating.

On BBC Radio 4's World At One on Sunday 25th May 2014 the Deputy Director of the Bank of England Charlie Bean said:  "House building is not keeping pace with creation of new households."

How about we stop immigration until we have built the houses the new arrivals are going to live in, and allocated the rural land to grow the food they are going to eat, and dug the reservoirs to provide the water they are going to need.

Until we have made that provision let's put immigration on hold.

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