Thursday, June 19, 2014

Is this the end of days for Labour

A sure sign that authority and respect is slipping away from a public figure is when hobbledehoys, blackguards and unimportant nobodies adopt a familiar tone and start offering unsolicited advice.  I am of course in the nobody category myself.  But even I was surprised to see that blackguard and cad Damian McBride thinks that Ed Miliband is so reduced in status that he can address him as an equal:

Following his fall I thought Damian McBride had been expelled forever from the Labour party - like the evil sorcerer in the 1959 film The Mummy he was a non-person with his name chiselled from the cartouches of the Labour record, entombed alive in the silence and ostracism of his former Labour colleagues.

But here he is risen from dead and walking the land, his revived corpse smelling of political putrefaction and late-Brown blight.

Some lines are worth noting:

"’s hard for the generals to sit down and plan how to win each week when Labour currently has no generals."

"There are many positive things to say about the people managing Ed Miliband’s operation and running Labour’s campaign... but what they are not is fighters... Not when they could be attending a Thomas Piketty symposium instead."

"Ed Miliband has been guilty of recruiting his innermost circle of advisers entirely in his own image."

"Ed needs to break down the purdah he has created within his own Shadow Cabinet, with a handful of close, like-minded, unchallenging allies sitting with him on one side of the curtain, and the majority twiddling their thumbs on the other side waiting to be told what’s going on."
"Ed urgently needs to add some ‘wartime consiglieres’ to the mix..."

"...he needs to put one person in charge whom all sides will accept and respect. If Mandelson won’t do it, then I dunno..."

Is he saying Mandelson should come back?

Is this the end of days for Labour that we should see such signs and wonders?  That the Damian McBride basilisk should creep from his lair.  That Peter Mandelson should fall from the sky like the great star Wormwood (apsinthion or άψινθος) and poison a third of the Earth.

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