Friday, June 20, 2014

In this article for the Daily Mirror the Fleet Street Fox has got things wrong

I don't like Susie Boniface (the Fleet Street Fox) - she's far too glib.

And it is a characteristic of Ms Boniface that she only kicks people when they are down.

And in this article for the Daily Mirror the Fleet Street Fox has got things wrong:

In my opinion, Ed Miliband is actually doing quite well, just not by the standards that others are setting.

Winning is not everything.  It would have been much better for John Major to have lost in 1992 and the Conservatives to have come back with a decent leader and comprehensive set of new policies in 2001.  And it will be much better for Labour to expect to lose in 2015 and concentrate on 2020 (which I half-suspect Ed Miliband is doing).

Anyway, some thoughts:

“It's just depressing to realise that the reason your side is doing so badly is simply because they're rubbish.”  Rubbish by your terms Ms Boniface.  I can assure you the Conservatives do not think the Labour team are rubbish.

“Ed Miliband blithely says he can win in 2015 and he will ‘relish the next 10 months’.”  Relishing is a good emotion to have is it not?  It makes me think of someone enjoying a leafy salad lunch with mayonnaise (rather than hungry slavering Blair whom I visualise eating his meat raw with the blood dribbling down his chin)

“…convince 20million people he's not a spod.”  What is a spod?  Or do you mean Spad? (and is it possible you are using terminology you do not understand?).

“What's he doing? Waiting for the other side to destroy themselves, while pootling around…” 
I quite like people who pootle.  It’s a nice image for a politician to have.

“He plays up his Jewish ancestry then makes a mess of eating a bacon sandwich.” 
You do not have to be Orthodox to be Jewish Ms Boniface.  And it is possible that your own eating habits were they to be observed might cause comment – few people can eat in public with any degree of elegance.

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