Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hanging around as his bitching moaning Ex

In this article about the infamous Sun-holding fiasco Tom Watson MP is being very mealy-mouthed:

If you've got something to say Mr Watson then say it.

Don't go around causing trouble with your hints and nods and concerned comments that "I'm sure they'll be a lot of shadow cabinet members who are holding their counsel on this..."

It's like one of those scenes from MTV's Ex On The Beach where shit-stirring Liam whispers and watches and gives lots of "friendly" advice so that the girls all start bitching about each other and freezing out poor Chloe and dumb Ashley gets so riled he kicks the furniture about and tries to beat Liam to a pulp (but is restrained by Ricci acting nobly despite all the nasty things Liam has said about him).

Look Tom, we know you took the break-up with Ed (over the Falkirk scandal) very hard, but hanging around as his bitching moaning Ex is doing nobody any good.

It's time to move on now, it's over. 

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