Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Fabian Society essay by David Bailey entitled Democracy Without Walls

I read with great interest this Fabian Society essay by David Bailey entitled Democracy Without Walls:

"The question remains whether current party leaders feel either able or willing to enter into a process that is both more risky (as it would imply a loosening of their control of the party machine) and represent a dispersal of power away from the party leadership (and therefore represent the wilful ceding of power by those who have made a career out of accruing it)."

State funding of political parties would take "big money" (by vested interests from both left and right plus the oddball millionaires who have mixed motives) out of politics but it needs to be made palatable to the taxpayers who will have to pay for it.

Why not have state funding of political membership?

Anyone over the age of 16 can apply to join a political party and have their membership (say £25) paid for them by a state agency set up to regulate funding in politics. 

To gain funding parties will have to attract members, and to attract members they will have to give them rights over policy and candidate selection.

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