Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ed Balls writes today for the New Statesmen

"Looking forward, the challenge for all mainstream parties is that working people just don’t believe they will share in rising prosperity, whether that is affording a home, securing a better paid job or saving for a decent pension."
As Mr Balls identifies, the question is one of belief not reality.  The recovery is real, but ordinary people do not believe they will share in it.  They believe immigrants will take the houses and jobs and the government will pillage their pensions (as the Labour government did as soon as it got into power in 1997).  You can lecture people on diversity and “immigration is good for you” all you like.  If people don’t believe you they don’t believe you.  And if they have no belief in the recovery economic optimism will falter and eventually fizzle out.
"But nor can we succeed through a race to the bottom - with British companies simply trying to compete on cost as people see their job security eroded and living standards decline. "
That is exactly what working people experienced from 1997 to 2010 – a race to the bottom as open-door immigration undermined almost every family in the country and made them feel vulnerable and ignored.
"We can only succeed through a race to the top – backing British innovation and investing in the skills of all as we make our economy more dynamic and competitive, and earn our way to higher living standards for everyone."
Then please explain Mr Balls how during Labour's term in office we spent many billions of pounds on the education system and yet still have chronic skills shortages and nearly a million NEET young people.
"As I argued four years ago, we should extend the period of time that people from new member states have to wait before being able to come to the United Kingdom to look for work. "
What good will that do?  It will just delay the flood of immigrants.  Until eastern Europe is brought up to United Kingdom standards or the United Kingdom is brought down to eastern European standards the immigrants will keep coming.
"We will work to stop the payment of child benefits to those not resident in this country, "
Big effing deal - all that will happen is that the children will be moved here.  
"consult on changing the rules on deporting someone who receives a custodial sentence shortly after arriving in the UK,"
The rules are not the issue.  There are hundreds of thousands of people that need to be deported already (plus do not forget an estimated four million illegal immigrants that need to be chucked out) and yet NOTHING HAPPENS.  The issue is the will to act – the will to physically put those people on transport out of the country, using restraints and tasers if necessary.
"and have called on the government to double the time that an EU migrant has to wait before being able to claim the basic jobseeker’s allowance."
A problem delayed is not a problem solved.
According to a Channel 4 News report ( ) the recession has so far caused 1,000 suicides in the United Kingdom.  Ed Balls and the government he was a part of (which included Ed Miliband, Yvette Cooper, Andy Burnham etc) promised us “no more boom and bust”.  The bust when it came led to the despair that indirectly killed a thousand people.
That is why these people must NEVER get back into power.

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