Wednesday, June 04, 2014


Eddie Dempsey, Branch Secretary of the RMT Paddington No.1 branch, has denounced the British backed fascist Kiev junta:;postID=1753274483983732899

Presumably he has also denounced the British Government for backing the junta.

And no doubt he has included in his denouncing the Labour leadership for backing the British Government in their backing of the junta.

Mr Dempsey is an interesting character.

You will recall was the target of victimisation in 2011:  "Brother Eddie Dempsey, a loyal and trusted RMT representative, was downgraded from his substantive grade as a Train Driver after a number of incidents were dealt with by the Safety Review Panel as part of the FGW Competence Development Process (CDP). Your union appealed against this unfair decision; however the company were adamant at this stage that Brother Dempsey would not be signed back for driving duties" (the bosses later had to back down).

I wonder what Eddie Dempsey makes of the kow-towing and fellow-travelling at the Palace of Westminster today where the Labour leadership are prostrating themselves before a monarch wearing a golden crown (literally).

Perhaps the BBC or Channel 4 News could ask him for a comment?

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