Thursday, June 12, 2014

Article about Iraq by Owen Jones in the Guardian

Rather innocent and unobjectionable article about Iraq by Owen Jones in the Guardian

All the points he makes are true, but there is one important element he has left out - the Labour war-lust and the narrative that created it.

During the long years of opposition the Labour leadership (and wide sections of the elected and professional party) became embittered with their powerless state and ready to embrace any options that would get them into power.

They noticed the success of the Falklands War in putting the Conservatives back into power in 1983 despite absolutely dire and terminal polling results in an extended period before the Argentine invasion.

Therefore when Blair and his Labour party achieved office in 1979 it was not long before a succession of foreign adventures were attempted - Bosnia, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and finally Iraq (and then back to Afghanistan again).

This was not a liberal interventionist following his conscience.

This was a shameless and evil manipulator (and his cheer-leaders and supporters and unthinking useful idiots) seeking to generate a Falklands bounce.

This is why these people must NEVER get back into power.


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