Sunday, June 08, 2014

A Map of Tulsa by new author Benjamin Lytal

Have just finished A Map of Tulsa by new author Benjamin Lytal ( by new I mean this is his first novel).

It was full of insights that help to explain the young American outlook.

"...silence is essential to the masculine condition"

"...what are you supposed to do in life?  Are you supposed to sleep with everyone you meet?"

" America it's like we're always supposed to disappear - if we reach, you know, a certain level of success.  Like Elijah.  It's like, if we're valedictorian we have to get assassinated - because effectively we get up and give a speech and then we disappear to some faraway university.  All our major social institutions growing up are about building intense friendships over a limited period of time and then severing them.  High school, and then college.  And summer camp.  My parents, having completed their careers successfully, move."

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