Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A footnote in Labour history

In this piece for Labour Uncut Labour activist and former Labour Party manager Rob Marchant is being alarmist to no real purpose:

How can "returning jihadis to the UK" threaten us if we do not let them in?  If that means profiling then so be it.  If there is any suggestion of terrorist attacks then everyone matching the suspected profile needs to be stopped and interrogated and if necessary interned.

How can the "nascent Caliphate" Mr Marchant refers to damage us in the British Isles "beyond repair"?  The idea is fantastic.  And even if by some fluke they did manage to strike a blow (perhaps by putting a dirty bomb on a drone), do we not have overwhelming air power (including very expensive nuclear force) to deal with foreign entities who threaten us?

I am sure that British involvement in a new conflict in Iraq would be convenient for the Blairites.  It would help their legacy by proving they were right about Iraq all along thus helping to re-establish Tony Blair as an eminence grise, elder statesmen and patron of the party.  It would help their jockeying for power in the Labour party if New Labour (and all its ambitions) can be cleansed of the taint of failed war-mongering.

But too many lies were told and too many people have died for this episode to be reduced to a footnote in Labour history.

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