Friday, May 09, 2014

You are an evil man David Aaronovitch

Intentionally offensive article by David Aaronovitch in yesterday's Times

As it is intentionally offensive you might think it is not worth bothering with.  He just wants to be provocative, and why gratify him?  In any case it is a rehash of an article Yasmin Alibhai-Brown wrote for the Independent in 2010.

But some of the statements need to be challenged.

"Immigrants tend to be more motivated than most people".  This is a staggeringly stupid thing for Mr Aaronovitch to say.  Anyone who has experienced life in a third world country and then managed to escape it is going to be motivated to do anything possible to avoid going back there.  Is David Aaronovitch suggesting that we mimic those conditions to motive the "poor white boys" in this country?  That they should feel the scourge?  That they should either motivate themselves or starve?

You are an evil man David Aaronovitch to put these ideas into circulation even implicitly.

Mr Aaronovitch then gives us his thoughts about the county of Lincolnshire.  I am fairly sure that he did not visit Lincolnshire preparatory to writing this piece (I have seen David Aaronovitch when he interviewed David Miliband at Kings Place and can vouch for him being a sweaty fat slob, so it is unlikely he is someone who exerts himself).  But even a "columnist" who just scrolls through a couple of Wikipedia pages can do better than the Aaronovitch assessment of England's second largest county.

For instance, during thirteen Labour years the rural shires were discriminated against by central government funding which diverted cash into urban areas on the grounds that urban "need" was greater.  The unhealthy and uneducated Lincolnshire people that David Aaronovitch scoffs at have been made unhealthy and uneducated as a direct result of the last Labour government.  The "worst life chances" he jeers about have been inflicted on Lincolnshire by the Blair-Brown government (which morally puts New Labour on a level with other regimes that prey on their own people).

David Aaronovitch singles out Boston for special comment. 

Here his stupidity seems to be eclipsed by his ignorance. 

Boston is a small market town that has been destroyed by immigration. 

Twenty years ago the town's population was entirely white English.  Ten years ago it had become a quarter Portuguese in a flood of migrants that debilitated every aspect of local society (75% of the unskilled jobs in the town were taken by Portuguese, or Brazilians pretending they were Portuguese).  Then the gangmasters got access to even cheaper Poles and Latvians and now the "Portuguese" have gone and the town is one third Polish (or Russians pretending to be Poles). see

The effect of this on ordinary English people in the area has been devastating.

Of course David Aaronovitch doesn't care about this.  Reading his columns, he doesn't seem to care about anything very much outside of his own very limited range of specialist interests.  Which makes one question what commitment this person has to English society?

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