Friday, May 02, 2014

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper apologised

On Question Time last night Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper apologised once again "for getting it wrong about immigration".

These apologies are meaningless unless they are followed up by action.

Labour is very quick to demand that extremists in other parties are expelled.

Can we now see Labour expelling pro-immigration extremists from their own party - people like John McTernan who is still agitating for open-door immigration (

And I would like to see much more searching questions for those politicians claiming that immigration is good for the country.

Given that all main parties agree that there is not enough spare housing capacity in the United Kingdom pro-immigration politicians need to say where new migrants are going to live.  Wishy-washy statements about "we need to build more houses" are not good enough.  They need to be challenged to say where new migrants arriving NOW (at a net rate of over 200,000 per year) are going to live.

And if they cannot give an adequate answer then surely the government needs to use the special powers it already holds for an emergency suspension of EU migration rights into the United Kingdom.

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