Wednesday, May 07, 2014


1,500 word article on the Huffington Post website by Labour adviser Mehdi Hasan "debunking" UKIP:

Mehdi Hasan is political director of The Huffington Post website and presenter on Al Jazeera's English News Channel.

As a member of the Conservative party I do not feel it is my role to defend UKIP.

However, as an observer I must say that UKIP seems to have got Mehdi Hasan rattled.

And as Mehdi Hasan is someone who, in my opinion, ought to be rattled, my reaction to this piece is good old UKIP - they must be doing something right if they are getting this sort of reaction!

I am puzzled by the persistence of some in the media in referring to Ukip rather than UKIP.  The United Kingdom Independence Party self-identifies as UKIP, so why do some journalists persist in denying that self-identification?  It makes them look petty.

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