Sunday, May 04, 2014

Ed Miliband on the Andrew Marrr Show

Earlier today Ed Miliband on the Andrew Marrr Show attacked the Pfizer attempt to take over AstraZeneca.

"I'm writing to the Prime Minister today" said Mr Miliband, attempting to establish his credentials as a man of action.

But Ed Miliband was part of the government that collectively decided to do nothing when Kraft took over Cadbury in an exercise in asset-stripping.

Therefore we must assume that Ed Miliband is all talk.

The scriptures advise us "By their works ye shall know them" when judging someones character.

By their lack of works we can also get an idea of whether someones record can be trusted.

And on the Kraft - Cadbury takeover Ed Miliband did nothing.

He did not speak out publicly.  He did not resign from the government on a point of principle.  He just joined in the collective waffling and hand-wringing and waved the merger through.

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