Saturday, May 03, 2014

David Axelrod's presence is not through idle curiosity

Is it not disturbing that in President Obama's "Terror Tuesday" planning meetings (secret kill lists, plans for drone attacks, forward planning for the war on Muslim terror etc) David Axelrod is an "unspeaking presence"?

Presumably he is unspeaking because he does not want his advice to appear on any of the official records.

But presumably David Axelrod's presence is not through idle curiosity.

Is it possible that the Obama administration is waging war not for reasons of security but for reasons of domestic manipulation of the American electorate?

Does Mehdi Hassan know that David Axelrod is helping to direct the war on Muslim terror?  Does Yasmin Alibhai-Brown know this?  Is David Waring aware of the Axelrod influence on the drone strikes?

And what about Salma Yaqoob, Nabila Ramdani, Mir Afzal Khan etc?  Are they aware of Mr Axelrod's involvement in the secret kill lists?  Are they happy that David Axelrod may well steer David Miliband in the direction of supporting pre-emptive political assassination as a tool of foreign policy?

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