Saturday, May 10, 2014

1913 The World before the Great War by Charles Emmerson

I have just finished reading 1913 The World before the Great War by Charles Emmerson.

I read it slowly, at five or ten pages a day, as there was so much information to absorb.

Therefore it has taken me a couple of months to get through (I was reading other books as well).

The world in 1913 was astonishingly globalised, and the Great War can be seen as a failure of globalisation.

London was the acknowledged capital of the world.

France worried about decadence (the first volume of A la recherche du temps perdu was published in 1913).

The Germans had garden cities - for instance Hellerau.

"The Russian Futurists embraced the spirit of hooliganism" (which made me think of Pussyriot).

There were effectively three revolutions in Mexico in 1913.

Change is not always good - some change means death.

The "pleasure or surplus economy" was developing as a new basis of civilisation.

After the Great War globalisation was discredited and nations replaced empires.

Must read the The Life and Letters of Walter H Page (1924).

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