Sunday, April 27, 2014

You & I

The Ben Winston video for You & I (pre-released 18th April, due for release 25th May) has a melancholy feel that is almost Jungian (insofar as I understand Jung and his theory of synchronicity):

The end of a pier with the tide going out.

The end of youth (comparatively); the end of the initial phase of their success (unless they can reinvent themselves); the end of a relationship with a fan base that is already looking for more tangible forms of romance.

Even the half-blown balloon fizzling out somehow seems symbolic.

The lyrics are delivered in a style of self-aware deliberate denial of the implicit obvious.

Artistically it's a masterpiece.  Not that many people are going to look at it seriously.  To most people it will just be flim-flam.

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