Saturday, April 12, 2014

New acquisitions - the past week at work


Arriving this morning I was sifting through the heap of paper on my desk when Marcia Walsh (Deputy Director) asked me into her office where Office Supervisor Gladys Y was already seated in one of the chairs.  Marcia Walsh told us both that she had been asked to be Acting Director for the foreseeable future.  However I am not reporting to her but remain reporting to Alec Nussbaum directly.

In the light of this change I spent the rest of the day reassessing all the projects I am currently working on and destroying anything sensitive (Marcia Walsh is the sort of person who will go looking through your desk).


Among the e-mails this morning was one praising the "superb" work I did last year, asking if I would consider doing a similar campaign.

In the afternoon I planned more literature distribution, and booked space at exhibitions.


Most of the day I spent in the Reading Room downstairs going through some of the new acquisitions.  In particular Stuart Eldon's Territory.  This book had been held up at Head Office (it was published last year) and someone had made pencil notes in the margins:

"Anthropocene... a pre-modern system... useful for complex circumstances... aim for equilibrium in society and the question is how do you manage that... stress produces results... look for imbalances... during the life of the average individual the relationship to the territory is less or more important...  need to counter the agents that are disruptive... territory is seen as a unity... territory is a perpetual dynamic for any one person at any one time... people get stuck in their frustration... look for case studies..."


Alec Nussbaum rang me.

I told him "I am thoroughly demoralised".


Working at home, although in fact I did very little work.

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