Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mr Cleverly needs to mug up on his Conservative history

Article by James Cleverly on the Conservative Home website arguing for more pandering to immigrants:

Mr Cleverly needs to mug up on his Conservative history.

We tried appeasement in the 1930s and guess what, it didn't work.

Appeasement never works.

All that happens is that the people you are trying to appease say Thank-you very much, we'll have some more bribes if you don't mind, and we'll have even more bribes after that.

Except that mostly they won't say thank-you, they'll just take and laugh at you.

The only Conservative answer to the problems caused by immigration is complete assimilation to those who want to be assimilated.

No concessions, no pandering, no bribes.

And "...keeping the Conservative party broad-based and open to all" means first and foremost winning back the white working class voters. 

When you've done that we can talk about other demographic challenges. 

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