Thursday, April 24, 2014

Joel Gehrke in the Washington Examiner

I experienced a Miss Marple moment ("ah, NOW I see it") when I read this short piece by Joel Gehrke in the Washington Examiner which appeared in March:

David Axelrod has previously been employed rewriting Obama's speeches "at an eighth-grade reading level".

The Labour Party is spending hundreds of thousands of pounds employing someone solely to cure Ed Miliband of wonk-speak!  To edit out phrases like "pre-distribution".  To try to make Mr Miliband seem normal.

Presumably they are having to get an outside consultant in because no-one in Labour's inner-circle is getting through to the Labour leader (or perhaps they are too afraid to suggest to him he needs lessons in how to speak to people).

And what does this say about the way the Labour Party views its potential voters?  Eighth-grade reading level means suitable for 12 to 14 year-olds.  Is the next Labour manifesto going to be written in the style of Moomin Summer Madness?

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