Saturday, April 05, 2014

Collecting and listing documents - the past week at work


It is now so mild I can take my cup of coffee into the garden to see what new plants are coming up - the Morning Glory almost double in size.

At the office Matthew P from Head Office was already there carrying out "an investigation".  Brief feelings of panic until I realised it was not me he was investigating.  I talked to him for two hours and gave him as much information as I dared.


I am in a position where unless I find myself things to do I would sit at my desk and do nothing.  And yet Matthew P yesterday pointedly told me my work is noticed and valued.  Almost all of the morning I replied to personal e-mails.

A lot of the afternoon I spent collecting and listing documents for Matthew P, adding my comments.


I went to London today specifically to take the documents to Matthew P (hand delivering them).

My cover for the visit was a very flimsy meeting with Dannielle E in Publications.  Unexpectedly she asked me if I would do some freelance writing for her, which was flattering.  I also talked to James B who leaves at the end of this week.

Leaving Head Office I went for a walk, glad to be in London again.


The heating was off so that everyone in the office felt very very cold and everyone complained.

Most of the day I worked on a new presentation.

Martin H, a new person in finance, showed me pictures of his family. 


I worked at home.  Frequent 'phone calls from Alec Nussbaum.  There is a certain vulnerability to his plans.

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