Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A culture war waged by lefty teachers

Today is, as you must be aware by now, St George's Day.

Above:  here we see the village school in one of my favourite rural settlements (on the high moor, but in the midst of woods).  There is no mistaking the St George theme, with the gable above the main entrance decorated with red roses and shields of the English three lions and the flag of St George.  Pevsner says the building was designed by HG Gamble and put up in 1913 (the school closed in 2006).

Children attending this school would have been enjoined to live up to the patriotic ideals of St George.  There would have been no doubt over their "identity".  Englishness would have meant everything to them.

Above:  nearby is the village hall, designed by Thomas Dixon in a Tudor style and put up in 1910.  A few years later, during the First World War, patriotic plaques and slogans were added, including Britannia and St George.  The hall is still used by the local community.

Yesterday Newsnight broadcast a devastating expose of left-wing infiltration into the National Union of Teachers.  This has been going on for decades.  This is why St George's Day has been suppressed since the 1950s - it has in part been targeted in a culture war waged by lefty teachers (not all teachers are lefties, but a very significant proportion are).

Thank you Michael Gove for taking these people on.

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