Thursday, March 06, 2014

Vote for me, I am in favour of more immigration

From their Georgian palace on Pall Mall the Institute of Directors criticises government policy on immigration as "feeble and pathetic".

Well they would say that.

They are the people who have most benefited from the inward flood of cheap labour.

On the Left Foot Forward website Tim Finch tells us:  "After studying migration trends for years, IPPR is more convinced than ever that we have moved into a new era of international mobility and inter-connectedness."

We have entered, according to the IPPR (a left-leaning think tank), a new paradigm!

Is that the same sort of new paradigm as no more boom and bust?

Or are we heading for the inevitable paradigm collapse with added social breakdown and the fat cats of the Institute of Directors scooting off to their bolt-holes abroad?

If immigration is such a positive bonus for the United Kingdom all the politicians have to do is say at election time "vote for me, I am in favour of more immigration and here are the reasons why".

It's called democracy.

More on the IoD palace, which is exquisite both inside and out:

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