Thursday, March 06, 2014


All those armchair experts who are comparing the international situation today with 1939, and saying that Putin is being appeased should bear in mind that the United Kingdom in 2014 is not even remotely comparable to the United Kingdom in 1939 in terms of military strength and geographical reach.

And how hollow are the claims of China, India and Brazil to be the new world powers.

Is there any point to China being on the United Nations Security Council?

And also please remember that Russia today is no worse than Russia 1941 to 1945 when they were one of our greatest allies.  Let us not be fooled by Putin.  But also let us not frighten ourselves with shadows.

What possible strategic interest can we have in interfering in Ukraine?

It is very far from certain that Ukraine is going to remain a democracy - this could be another Libya.

Even if they did join the EU all that would happen is that they would dump their unemployed people in our country and go on endlessly about their "rights" to migration.

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