Monday, March 24, 2014

They are simply surrendering

I do not condone the Russian invasion and occupation of Crimea, and I join those calling for a Russian withdrawal.

Nevertheless one cannot help but be struck by the supine acquiescence of the Ukrainian armed forces.

One would expect them to put up some resistance, even if just a little.

Are the Ukrainian forces in the Crimea fighting the Russians on the seas and oceans?

Are they fighting with growing confidence and growing strength in the air?

Are they defending the (almost) island of Crimea, whatever the cost may be?

Are they fighting on the beaches?

Are they fighting on the landing grounds?

Are they fighting in the fields and in the streets?

Are they fighting in the hills?

No, they are not.

They are simply surrendering.

Ukrainians, if you do not defend your country you cannot expect anyone else to do it for you.

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