Sunday, March 23, 2014

The new Tobias Hill novel What Was Promised

Review in last week's Observer of the new Tobias Hill novel What Was Promised.

Written by Stephanie Merritt, the review makes the novel sound interesting, and she describes him as "one of the outstanding writers of his generation".

However I would advise caution.

Recently I read Tobias Hill's novel The Hidden.

It was a pot boiler.  Everything thriller cliche he could think of seemed to be put in the mix and over-cooked to a mush.  The idea of a secret band of terrorists working as archaeologists was silly and completely unconvincing. 

Which was a shame, as there were many parts of The Hidden that were excellent - so much so that I would guess Tobias Hill had worked himself at an archaeological excavation in Greece and had written a brilliant diary of his experience and then ruined it by stuffing in all sorts of Da Vinci Code nonsense.

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