Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The commitment Ed Miliband will make later today

On the Today programme this morning Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander explained the commitment Ed Miliband will make later today to promise a referendum on EU membership only if there are significant extra powers transferred to the EU.  These are weasel words.  Under the qualified majority voting introduced by the Lisbon Treaty (signed by Gordon Brown without any democratic mandate) the EU already has all the powers it needs to pass new laws and impose new directives.

More significantly, what Labour is also announcing today through Ed Miliband's speech is that Labour does not intend to do anything to stop the flood of migrants from the EU into the United Kingdom.

PS on Newsnight yesterday Emily Maitlis referred to "David Miliband" before hurridly correcting herself - Ed Miliband is still struggling to achieve name recognition, even among political commentators.

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